Benefit from your precious time while travelling

Today, your personal time management is becoming more and more important. So, safe your valuable time and get to your meetings, conferences, the airport or private events safely and on time by hiring us.
All you have to do is get comfortable at the back of a luxury limousine, upholstered in finest leather, and enjoy the travel while the experienced lady chauffeur, Ms. Petra Bader, takes over and gets you to your destination in her S-Class Mercedes-Benz. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself calmly for your meeting, charge your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, elaborate a concept or reconsider your negotiation strategy.
Or you might like to use the travelling time to watch the news or follow the stock market developments on TV. Besides, our inbuilt TFT monitors also allow for watching videos to relax.

Bader's Cab Service - Your First Class Chauffeur Service!

Enter the cab and lean back
Experienced and reliable lady chauffeur
Maximum safety and comfort

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